Hello fellow bloggers, my name is Andrew Mullin. I was born on January 30th 1997, and I am currently 19 years old. I was born in Etobicoke at the Etobicoke General Hospital. My family and I lived in Brampton for the first two years of my life before moving to Oakville on August 14th 1999. Since then My family and I, which consists of Me, My older sister Brittany, who is 20, and my amazing mother, have spent the last 16 years loving and growing with the once small town itself. I love it here in Oakville.

As a child I went to St.Andrew’s Catholic Elementary School. From there I moved onto Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School. HT (short for Holy Trinity) is where I have been for the last 5 years and I have seen my self grow as a person. Coming from elementary school i had a friend group that id never thought wouldn’t be at my side. But as we all know high school isn’t quite what we all expected it too be. During high school is the time of your life to try to things and discover who you really are. After 5 years I still don’t know exactly who I am or what i even want to be when i grow up, but does one ever truly know themselves? I went into high school thinking i would come out knowing exactly what i wanted to be and what school i wanted to spend the next 4+ years of my life at. But truth be told I personally don’t have a clue. Sports are my Passion and i want to some how be able to incorporate that into my job life but I am just not sure how at this moment. I think i would make a great sports doctor as, i have a passion for sports like no one i know, and I went through a terrible sports injury and there wasn’t a lot the doctors could do as they never seen a concussion like mine before.

July 6th 2013, the day my life changed drastically. On July 5th My teammates and I were set to go on an overnight trip to Sudbury for a football game we had the following afternoon. At the time i was playing football for the Oakville Titans organization. The bus ride there was long, sweaty, and boring, Thank goodness for the coaches bringing an All-star line up of movies which included Step Brothers, Remember the Titans, and Gridiron Gang.  The movies helped pass the time which seamed to be draaaaaaaaaaging on. it was a 6 hour bus ride so I knew what to expect. When we got there we all got settled into our rooms then headed down to the restaurant for a nice meal. After that we all just relaxed and chilled in each others rooms and around the hotel. Our coaches starting drinking the minute they got on the bus and didn’t stop till they went to bed later that night. In the morning all the coaches were complaining of having nasty hangovers, which I blame for the loss haha. During the warm ups before the game I found out that i would get to start at Middle LineBacker (MLB). It was the first time I got to start all season. As you could expect I was super excited and a little nervous but i couldn’t wait for that opening kick-off. fast forward to the third quarter, The opponents had the ball within our 35 yard line. We needed a stop, badly. DOWN, SET HIKE, HIKE, HUT. And the QuarterBack took the snap under centre and handed the ball to there mammoth of a running back. He starts running towards the outside tackle, trying to gain the edge and get to the second level. I starting running, I dive to make the tackle and BAAM, lights out. Thats the last thing I can remember before “waking up” on the side lines with coaches and team trainers from both teams surrounding me, asking me if i was okay. To be completely honest, besides the massive headache and a few minutes of seeing stars I thought I was going to be alright. Little did i know that I would experience symptoms for over the 18 months. That year and a half were hell. Everyday i would wake up with massive headaches, sometimes blurry vision. At first I was told to take it easy, just lay in bed, no television or reading. The mind was to be at complete rest as my brain needed to heal. After two, almost three weeks of doing this and my symptoms not getting any better, but getting worse actually, My mom and I went to the emergency room at Oakville Trafalgar Hospital. I went to get CAT scans, and a MRI on my brain. The CAT scan showed nothing, just a healthy teenage brain, but when we got back the MRI results, thats when I found out how serious of an Injury I had. The MRI revealed that I had 4 black spots on my brain. 4 spots that should not be there. Because of the black spots i was told I would never be able to play physical contact sports again. The doctor recommended that I stop playing sports all together. Hearing that and the doctors say that they think i could be developing early stages of MS ( Multiple Sclerosis) broke me. At 16 years old I was told my life would never be the same. I had to give up the one thing in life that made me feel truly happy on the inside, something that felt so right doing. All my life I’ve been known as the sporty/athletic guy and in one quick moment that was all taken away from me.

Since then I went on the finish my grade 11 and grade 12 years, Graduated, but not with honours sadly haha. On May 11th 2015, I met the love of my life. She is so goddamn beautiful it would take your breath away if you saw here. Looking into her gorgeous brown eyes I can see a future with her. Her name is Kim Briones. She is 5’1″ maybe 5’2″, long black hair and my goodness the booty on her…… JEEEEEEEEEZ! fast forward 10 months and she is no longer just some girl, she is my beautiful fiance. I get the pleasure of waking up next to her every single day and, seeing her smile the moment I wake up every day puts me in such a happy mood, a mood that no one could break cause I know i found my soul mate. The one that understands me and stands by me no matter what, she has always been in my corner since day one and i know that there wont be  day that goes by where she isn’t standing there behind me, rooting and cheering me on. I want to always be there for her. I never want to spend a day without her. I LOVE YOU KIM ❤